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Engage in Quality Time: If you want something that lives yet requires no attention other than to give it water and occasional sunlight, get a houseplant and not a pet. Dogs thrive on companionship, and without mental and physical stimulation, they slowly wither away. Have you ever seen a dog in a shelter who gets little to no interaction and how sad and destroyed his spirit becomes? Do not let this happen to your dog. We are all busy, but our pets rely on us. Walk away from the electronic devices and walk with your dog instead. No matter a dog's age, they need interaction with you.





The Sochi Olympics concluded barely a month ago, but according to a local photographer, the Olympic Village and surrounding hotels are already a ghost town.

Alexander Valov, who runs "Blog Sochi," captured photos that depict a desolate Sochi, with infrastructure already breaking down and some construction never completed. Clearly, Russia's priorities are elsewhere with Sochi complete and crises in Ukraine and Crimea. And, yes, photos can be taken at certain times of day or from certain angles to communicate agendas. Even so, these pictures depict a city that has a long way to go in order to meet gaudy promises of becoming a world-class tourist destination.



1969 Pontiac Firebird 400 Ram Air III Vin 223679U134001 The car on offer here is a 1969 Pontiac Firebird 400 Ram Air III convertible. The Ram Air III was a rare factory option package that featured a 400 CID engine, functional hood scoops, higher flow heads with high performance valve springs, and a performance camshaft. According to Hemmings, just 87 manual transmission Ram Air III convertibles were produced in 1969.

"We are so happy with Ford, we were in need of a dog like him. We take him everywhere with us; we've been hiking, river swimming/stick fetching, trail running. He's such an amazing outdoor dog, nothing phases him. We're planning a backpacking trip in September with him in the Rockies, he's gonna love it! We also want to train him in a canoe." ~Esther



We just received an email from Sadie's new forever family!! We just love getting updates, they truly warm our hearts!!
"Just an update on Sadie. She is doing great. She knows her territory and protects it as you see in the pics. We play frisbee twice a day, go on a quad run three times a week and she enjoys a swim in the river on hot days. She's calm indoors and out unless you mention frisbee then she's ready to play. She even enjoyed her first bath. She lets us know when someone enters our yard with a few barks then greets the people with tail wagging.
My wife and I just love her and she us. Thanks again for the opportunity to have her."