We've reached our goal !!!


A big Thank You to all who have help. Bubba is scheduled for surgery! 


. Bubba is a 2 year old Mastiff.  He is still a puppy at heart as he loves to play with his toys.  A gentle giant he is, although he forgets that he is a huge dog weighing more than 150lbs, and will sometimes push you around asking for attention. He loves nothing more than getting petted and having someone to play with.

Unfortunately Bubba has a genetic disorder called Entropion. What this means is that his eyelids are rolling inward. The fur and eyelashes that are on the outside of his eyes are now rolling inwards of his eyes, constantly rubbing against the cornea. Having this causes constant pain and damage to his corneas. He already has a hard time seeing with mucous constantly building up if his eyes aren’t cleaned 2x day. If left untreated, he can become permanently blind and suffer the rest of his life with pain. He would end up with cornea ulcers, which can be medicated, but would always come back because of this disorder.

The great news is that it is treatable with surgery. His eyes would be corrected and his quality of life would be greatly improved and he would be pain free. The bill for this surgery is estimated to be around $1000.00. We the Hay River SPCA are asking for your help to cover some of the costs. Any monies that are raised above that amount will be going towards all other animals that come through the shelter here.

Let’s give Bubba his best chance of a pain free life!