Your donations can help us in many ways.

  • Provide shelter, food, medical care and a safe environment for the animals in our charge
  • Help offset the cost of the spay and neuter of as many animals as possible. A typical surgical procedure can cost us between $200 and $350. Only a portion of these cost are recovered through our adoption fees
  • Offset the cost of transportations fees for some of the animals that get transferred to our partner organizations for adoption
  • Assist in funding our Spay & Neuter Program which offers a financial incentive to pet owners residing in Hay River or adopting an animal from us
  • Help fund community programs such as making pet food available to low income pet owners through Social Services
  • Cover the cost of important vaccinations for the younger dogs in our care


2 ways to donate!

 Donate cash with Pay Pal. Perfect if you already have a Pay Pal account but you can also donate with a credit card through Pay Pal's secure payment system. There are no additional fees to you for using PayPal's service.

  - Or -

 Instead of cash donations you can also help us out by selecting specific items from our wish list. These are items we can use to keep our critters happy, entertained and well groomed! Shipping is free for orders over $25 and are shipped directly to us in Hay River.