We need your help as we do our best to care for the animals below. If you can help with a small donation to help with the cost of care, feeding and medical issues we would appreciate it greatly. If you would like to adopt any of our furry friends below, or can even foster or simply take a dog for  a walk or spend a few minutes snuggling with a cat we would like that too. Leave a message with the shelter or contact us at Hay River Animal Shelter on Facebook for more information about any of these animals, if you would like to get involved or can help in any way!

Johnny, male, neutered, 2 years old (approx)
Very loving and affectionate cat. He is spending his time with Iris at the Shelter and they are getting along well. Johnny would definitely prefer a home without dogs!!

Frankie, terrierX, young (1 - 1.5 years) up to date on shots will be neutered next vet visit. Frankie is very loving and affectionate, walks good on leash and is a very sweet young boy. He is very friendly, gets along well with the other dogs here and loves to play ball. Frankie would make a good walking/hiking/biking partner. Put a backpack on this boy and have him work for his meal.

June, female, spayed, front paws are also declawed. This cat would HAVE to be an indoor cat. 7 years old approx.
Very loving and affectionate.  June is in a foster home and settled in right quick!! She's very laid back and feels right at home.
June was surrendered with Johnny but when we separated them June came right out of her shell. We feel June would be happiest as an ONLY pet in the home. She is very loving and affectionate and loves to snuggle in with her person.

Garrett, Shepherd/MastiffX (?) young (1-1.5 years) still very much a puppy. Very soft temperament, runs and hides if you raise your voice. He is a very happy guy and loves to be right at your side. He is very loving and affectionate and would love nothing more than to be a lap dog!! Garrett is the size of a large German Shepherd.

Iris is available for adoption. She appears to be female (she's rather fluffy and I hate to be rude) not sure if she's spayed or not (next vet visit will determine this). She is snugly, loving and affectionate, not to mention gorgeous!!  Right now she is hanging out with Johnny and they are getting along very well.